the journey of a self-taught


Frank de Blok, artist-creator

 ... In 2099 we will be more than 10 billion land, mostly in urban areas... Paint the town is documenting the epic of contemporary life on earth and to come!

Originally from the Netherlands, and since 2001 permanently installed on the Normandy coast, near Honfleur and Cabourg, Frank de Blok is a creator / artist whose structured and geometrically-built work undoubtedly reveals his affinity with architecture and urbanism. But why ?

He is self-taught in art as he is in the field of architectural and industrial design, since his time spent in university was in the sector of economic science, Dutch language and literature a theater school. But why ?

He who seems obsessed and fascinated by a dense and complex architecture, he who won’t hesitate to take the port areas and industrial sites as subjects, who takes his inspiration from all around the world by devouring images on the internet, he himself lives quietly and isolated in the Normandy campaign.  But why?

After more than half a century of creative activity, the time has come to try to catalogue all this activity and tens of thousands of its so diverse productions. With any luck, the inventory of his work can contribute to a second half-century of production, hitting its target without flaws. The Dutchman needs a guardian (meaning: curator, advocate, diplomat, manager, sponsor (sponsor !!!), protective, but also support: supervisor) to ensure that we can question Frank on unfinished thoughts and drafts and going before we leave one day ... ..

Youth: Learning to self-learn ...

Born draftsman, in the primary "Montessori"- school Frank excelled in artistic works while the other school subjects suffered from a lack of interest to a point it was jeopardizing the evaluation tests of primary school despite of an IQ well above average. But miraculously he ended in the top ten percent ranking... High school, bachelor’s and university brougt comparable suspense, since he’s always been busier with activities alongside and outside than learning for tomorrow’s terms.

But since he can read, this solitary student devours magazines on architecture, immersed in plans, like to deepen his knowledge of history and science (astronomy, social sciences, geography, cartography and everything he can discover alone and un-influenced), as if he always had this revolt against dogmatism and conventions of the educational environment.

Today this may explain why he’s chosen not to study the activities or professions that are dearest to him - art and architecture – is if to relief these true passions from a disgust that would surely have defiled his appetite to exploit his talents to the real.

A very bad experience with a school for theater immediately after high school, that ravaged his love for writing cabarets and stage-art simply by leaving no free space for the raw and pure creativity, and instead forcing students from the first course on in the shackles of the expertise of the former, presumably confirmed him in his rebellion against all school environments ...

Chaos or Order ... ..

Creation is by definition chaotic process and claims  the right to mistakes: Production and fruiting, on the other hand, require order and conventions.

The universe, our world and all that is presently visible and understandable to us is no more than just a snapshot of a process of chaotic evolution. Humans attempt to define accordance and laws in an attempt to find principles that will always be obsolete. Because humans will try any anticipation effort with the goal of maximizing his profit in the largest possible sense.


He knows the Normandy since it was established earlier in Cabourg where he opened his gallery (2003-2013). But the artists are fond of discovery and travel. One morning, he decided to change the framework and Honfleur hosted beautifully. With him, no verdant groves, but many architectural structures usually steel. No timbered farmhouses for, but contemporary architecture where cross lines and prospects of high-rise buildings skinned alive. The technical design, the choice of colors or even the vacuum presence seeking to provoke the viewer's imagination. His technique brings a futuristic vision. It returns us sometimes recall images of an older heritage buildings that marked his time. A clever combination of styles! But Blok Frank also manages to take us to another place. Until the favelas, which reflect the improvisation of a Brazilian urbanism rich waste materials and colors, or by sea we flirted with offshore wind turbines seem to carry a subliminal message. But Frank Blok will not show you the bike that he could draw, with an engineering dexterity, when he was only 3 years old, work closely guarded by his father, an aeronautical engineer now disappeared. Still, it probably drew his line of life as a creative artist. However, it will also offer you to embark, on a long trip, or aboard a trimaran or by any other means of locomotion. For caress him a different dream, a concrete dream: meet Auguste Perret. It remains for you to discover, thanks to sound pictures, the artist who inspired great designs, and you will receive if you come up to him!

Patrick Gorgeon
Editor AWI Web radio