cabourg64bits Frank de Blok Cabourg

cabourg64bits Frank de Blok Cabourg

This journey in time, that we will make together, starts at the moment of thefirst Brexit, 20,000 years ago, the geological event responsible for the birth of the British and Anglo-Norman islands. To the north-east, cubic kilometers of ice accumulated at the site of the present North Sea, and as a result, the water of several rivers, such as the Thames, the Meuse or the Seine, had as their only exit to erode, in an infernal crash, the limestone plateau; Thus the Channel-river gave birth to the Straits of Calais.

Cabourg at its beginning, vast space of beach and dunes in the heart of the Côte Fleurie, home of a handful of poor fishermen and collectors of hulls, did not have the wealth of its neighbor where William the Conqueror ordered the construction of a " A flotilla to invade England. Sad forgotten of the Middle Ages, unknown to the Renaissance, the Enlightenment and the French Revolution, Cabourg remained unnoticed. While at Dives-sur-Mer life was the crossing point of modernity of factories and personnal self-fulfillment, Cabourg waited only for his own birth.

The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were an epoch of great changes in society, industrialization, the painful emancipation of the modest classes, but above all the era of the bourgeoisie, industrial citizens, bankers and financiers, merchants, of the press and advertising bodies. Their emancipation in an urban environment increasingly saturated demographically and not pleasant to live, led to the idea of ​​creating places of rest (resorts) far from the city. Thus the creation of seaside resorts was considered, and the Paris-Deauville-Cabourg railway was the first example of a way to realize this territorial expansion.

Charles Bertrand became the Mayor of Cabourg in 1896, owner of the Grand Hotel and Casino, favoring the arrival of a large number of privileged people whose existence will soon be colored by the advent of paid holidays and the beginning of lower and middle class-tourism of families. The pavilion in which I have now established my workshop-gallery bears his name. It will host this trip in the form of a performance and this is where I invite you to meet me all day New Year.

The history of the resort is fascinating and hundreds of thousands of visitors are amazed by the charm of the Anglo-Norman architecture of the vast villas, scattered according to a plan well known to the Dutch, Amsteredam, my hometown. But I will not content myself with glorifying the Belle Époque, the beauty of the past and the splendor of Marcel Proust's work. Cabourg nowadays is a holiday resort firmly anchored in the present and pushed towards its future by a municipal team and hundreds of tourism professionals who have understood the challenge of our time. Other aspects open up with globalization, computerization, the virtual world, and I want to take a little height, with you, this New Year's Day 2017, to sketch in my way, perspectivist, This challenge that is our destiny.


1) 1/64ième (un "bit") de l’œuvre originale
2) une reproduction de cette œuvre réduite à 20%
3) la vidéo sur DVD de salon
4) le certificat d'authenticité

Ad 1 : une des 64 toiles/détails de l'œuvre originale, de format 40x40cm ; le choix se faisant  selon la chronologie de l'achat. L'œuvre étant originellement réalisée sur un assemblage de 64 châssis, chaque acheteur ou acheteuse d'un lot se procure l'un de ses 64 "bits" ou unités constituant l’œuvre.

Ad 2 : un tirage en couleur sur une bâche imprimée, signé et numéroté par l'artiste, d'une photographie de l'ensemble de l'œuvre au format réduit et proportionnel de 1,20m par 30 cm.

Ad 3 : un DVD du reportage de la performance, nanti d'un menu de navigation, signé, numéroté et emballé individuellement de façon artistico-artisanale, par l'artiste lui-même.

Ad 4 : un certificat d'authenticité numéroté et signé du "bit" ou détail de 40cmx40cm constituant l'ensemble de l'œuvre de 640cm sur 160cm, qui précise la date de création et l'auteur, l’authenticité de la création et la réalisation, le numéro identifiant unique du "bit" qui défini indiscutablement sa place dans l'ensemble de l’œuvre ainsi que les coordonnées de l'acquéreur.